Untitled Color Memoir

Fabiola Bedoya

In color psychology, color can be used to alter human behavior, emotions, influences, and perceptions. As a child, the bright colors of my Mexican background, my childhood influences and artists I admired all brought me positive reactions.

Color has been the most important visual thing I have carried with me into my adult life.

Untitled Color Memoir is an exploration of how color can help transform memories through a series of objects. Items were carefully selected to represent events that occurred during my childhood. They were then put together into a series of home décor items varying in wreaths, picture frames, and more. Those new objects were then painted over physically, placed around my childhood home, and documented through photography.

Color is not only used as a way for me to reconnect back to my childhood days but also as a way to move through the world. The emotional associations of the standard colors of the objects used to create pieces are then transformed with the juxtaposition of bright colors.

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