Confessions 2020

Haozheng Wang

“What, then, is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to himwho asks me, I do not know. Yet I say with confidence that I know that if nothingpassed away, there would be no past time; and if nothing were still coming, therewould be no future time; and if there were nothing at all, there would be no present time.”
Ch. XIV, St. Augustine Confessions - Book Eleven

How can we be sure that the content of our past experience is true? When my object is an objective thing, I can also use the objective thing to determine the coincidence of recall and retention; but if the object is not an objective thing but these internal objects as the content of experience, there is no objective reference. Through my project, I am exploring human consciousness by photographing mundane objects changing over time. My minimalist photographs of a large number of items morphing or decaying
through the passage of time is trying to redefine Photography. It no longer expresses meaning by capturing scenes in life, but selects and deconstructs reality according to the needs of artistic demands. Photography itself becomes a creation.

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