Waste World

Liuyun Liang

Human and nature are eternal topics of my art. Seeing the whole earth as a giant repository, what happens on the earth are inspirations for my work and what is physically on the earth are materials to produce my art creations. Through my work, I’m trying to surpass the traditional photographic aesthetics by questioning the nature of photography and studying the possibility of photography in art-making.

In this project, I shift my lens to capture the things left or discarded by humans on the ground by tracing the evidence of human presence in natural environment. After using photography as the medium to compress three dimensional objects into two dimensional images, I rearrange the images of materials I collected from the ground and make digital collages in Photoshop. This project is constituted by three parts: trash classification, trash earth-map, and specimens of animals that represent sky, sea and land.

All rights reserved, 2020.